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The REsheets’ $100 Toolbelt Special

Aug 03, 2014 by in Uncategorized


In honor of our 4th year, we’re trying something we’ve never done before, reducing our most popular product by 66.6%.


We’ll run this coupon code for the first 20 users. Please use: RE4YEARS

You’ll find our CRE analysis toolbelt here. It’s never cost $99, and never will again.

We’ve never reduced the price of our staple analysis product because it’s like a sock, you always need a sock, and at the usual $300 analysis price, it’s about the best deal around. But we’re not only proud of our REsheets Toolbelt, we’re proud of all our products, and after you’ve had a taste of the qualitative and necessary commercial real estate analysis from our Toolbelt, we’re certain to see you back for our in depth Commercial and Apartment DCF products. Continue reading >>

June Bloom

Jun 12, 2014 by in General

If you’re like us, you’ve known June to cater to a different rhyme. Gloom. If you’re still like us, you’d probably think that for a second you came up with its antithetical. It turns out, bloom’s been rhymed around the world for as long as Google Search can remember. You’ll find June bloom wine tasting, arts and […]

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REsheets’ Annual Spring Discounted Cash Flow, Erhm, Discount

Mar 21, 2014 by in General

We’re analysts, not wordsmiths. To celebrate the start of Spring as usual, we’re offering our 20% discount on our Discounted Cash Flow Models. But of course, our play on words isn’t exclusive to our streamlined and springy DCF’s, the discount will work just as well on our REsheets’ Toolbelt, which, of course, is the best […]

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Start of Season Rewards from REsheets!

Nov 12, 2013 by in General

It’s that time of year again, the holidays. Business is tempered by family and get-togethers, and those things business is always better tempered by. That’s the point, anyway: to be smart, successful, and personally intact. Here at REsheets, we maintain a core philosophy: remembering we’re people first. With that in mind, we’ve designed two commercial […]

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Creative Ways To Use Social Media For Commercial Real Estate

Aug 28, 2013 by in Guest Post

A Guest-Blog Post To Knock Your Blog-Socks Off. Today we’re featuring a guest-blog post by Willie Pena, a writer for Right Residential, and he’s really packed together a great article. We’re not just being biased here at REsheets, a social-media CRE analysis group, in fact, we think (we know) we’ve learned a thing or two. […]

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3 Qualities to Seek in Your Next Apartment

Aug 08, 2013 by in Guest Post

Welcome to another REsheets’ Guest-Blog post! This one comes from Wasatch Premier Communities, and rather than our typical commercial buyer/seller side, we’re going to focus on the roots of real estate, the tenant. Maybe we can all learn a thing or two about an attractive property through the eyes of a informed future occupant. Take it […]

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