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About Us

In 2008, Owner and Co-founder Perry Paolini was working as an analyst with a major Commercial Real Estate firm. Weary of the outmoded in-house analysis software options, he resolved to produce credible user-friendly templates to streamline his own production. As brokers took note of Perry’s newfound efficient reporting, and asked where they could purchase templates like his, he realized that most agents, owners, and brokers were also struggling with the same outdated analysis tools. He was compelled to build a better mousetrap.

Perry asked his best friend and analyst Brandon Newmark to team up with him and produce analysis templates that would save users time, money, and major headaches, while also upping the ante of professional aesthetics, appeal, and cogency of operations. And so, REsheets was born. In the following 8 years, our core Commercial Real Estate models would be tried, tested, and shown true by countless Commercial Real Estate professionals like you.

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We’re the best, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say:

“REsheets has played a tremendous role in helping my team and me deliver for years. Having reviewed, analyzed, and valued over $1 billion of investment real estate for clients such as private investors, public REITs, and pension funds, I can honestly say they’re true experts. Time and again they’ve exceeded my expectations by delivering exceptional results and meeting deadlines. Their ability to relieve me from the monotony of such a vital part of my business in order to allow me the time to manage my team and corporation while generating new opportunities is invaluable.”

“REsheets has already proven to be an excellent resource for myself and my team. Our most recent success story comes from putting the 1031 exchange analysis software to work for us. This tool proved to be a huge advantage for my team in a competitive environment by helping us take the extra step of visually illustrating how our client’s cash flow would benefit by selling their property and moving their equity into any 1 of the 3 properties we had carefully chosen for them. We were able to prove that we did not just care about selling their property, but improving their position. We love REsheets!

My clients are the true beneficiaries of REsheets! They have been and will continue to be an invaluable resource to my business. Their customized spreadsheet has provided me with a precise, powerful, and clear model depicting whether a deal makes sense or not. Commercial Real Estate Development requires many different talents and skills, but it all starts with the financial feasibility of a properly underwritten project, and REsheets has provided me just that.”

The REsheets Toolbelt has been a “bundle” of success! The amount of time it would have taken to build an excel model for all the different things the bundle offered would have been significantly more costly for me – you know how we think time-value-of-money, well I’m thinking money-value-of-time. In addition, most personally made spreadsheets look terrible and will most likely have a calculation error somewhere – something sloppy with mistakes won’t impress our clients and sometimes your only chance is that first impression.

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