15 Extraordinary Photos of Real Estate as Art (The Far East)

We’re proud to share the second edition of one of our most famous blogs: 50 Extraordinary Photos of Real Estate as Art. So sit back, relax, and enjoy as we visit the Commercial Real Estate visual spectaculars of the Far East!

A busy look at Singapore’s China Town | photo credit: rags1969

A Chinese family at dinner, Chinatown, Malacca | photo credit: stuckincustoms

Bang Pa-In Summer Palace, Ayutthaya, Thailand | photo credit: pattpoom

Old warehouses converted into restaurants, Shanghai, China | photo credit: cnmark 

Senado Square, historical centre of Macau, China | photo credit: tiascapes

Second floor Chinese merchant’s house, Hoi An, Vietnam | photo credit: shapeshift

Erlin Park Chongqing, China | photo credit: stubzee

Tourist boats in Hoi An, Vietnam | photo credit

Shopping in Singapore | photo credit: araleya

Ginza Crossing nighttime in Tokyo, Japan | photo credit: altus

Causeway Bay apartments in Hong Kong | photo credit: jhandelman

Intercontinental Hotel at West Lake in Hanoi, Vietnam | photo credit: mtbl

Corner rock and roll joint in the Apgujeong-dong district Seoul, South Korea | photo credit: seanportfolio

A Starbucks in Shanghai | photo credit

Shanghai through the haze at night | photo credit: Ikiller123

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