3 Qualities to Seek in Your Next Apartment


Welcome to another REsheets’ Guest-Blog post!

This one comes from Wasatch Premier Communities, and rather than our typical commercial buyer/seller side, we’re going to focus on the roots of real estate, the tenant. Maybe we can all learn a thing or two about an attractive property through the eyes of a informed future occupant. Take it away:

A brand new apartment is like any opportunity.

It’ll be home for years—you might laugh, cry, and fall in love. This makes an apartment hunt rather daunting, as you don’t want to mess up and choose the wrong apartment for you—not when love might be on the line.

To help you out, here are 3 qualities that are a must-have for your next apartment:

More for Your Money

When you rent a unit there are many things to take in consideration besides the number of beds and baths: lot size and storage, parking spaces and even spaces for a guest. There’s an endless array of features you may be entitled to through your lease, know them all! Before deciding on a rental, it’s important to take a walk through with your building manager and ask the right questions. While searching for damages or inconveniences, be sure to inquire about the financial process and inclusions in your potential contract. Some complexes include utilities in your monthly payments so that everything from heat and hot water to electricity and internet connection are all compiled into one cost; others might offer one of these items, but charge for everything else, and it all adds up!

Peace and Privacy

Many of the newer buildings in town have advanced forms of insulation to promote sound proofing between units. Whether you prefer not to be heard, or prefer to do less of the hearing, the way sound can carry in close quarters is generally a top priority for most tenants—only a tenant might just forget this importance until the lease is signed and it’s time for a first good-night’s rest. It can never hurt to ask the landlord or even the other residents what the noise levels are like in your new lodgings before moving in.

Bonus Features

Everybody wants a deal, especially when there’s a large balance of cash on the line . Before dishing out first and last month’s rent to your new property manager, see if there are any promotional offers being made for new residents: anything from gift cards to deposit discounts and other added benefits are being offered as a way to bring in more tenants. It never hurts to see just how equipped the property manager is to get you into your new apartment.

That’s all from Wasatch Premier Communities!

A big thank you from REsheets for continuing the commercial real estate discussion through our CRE Blog.

A quick note about today’s author: Wasatch Premier Communities is showcasing Citrus Heights Apartments in Sacramento County, California, as they’d say, a wonderful place to call home.