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Thanks in advance for reading up on our new software and we hope to see you in our ranks soon!

Completing the Version 2 REsheets Rollout, we’re taking this week to highlight what it means to own our analysis software.

REsheets provides (2) in house template packages, our Famous REsheets Toolbelt and our Discounted Cash Flow Model Bundle. Here’s what you need to know:

The Famous REsheets Toolbelt is a (13) template analysis package designed to cover the range of Commercial Real Estate scenario specific analysis. From executive summaries to the feasibility of refinance, we continually repeat: don’t leave home without it. Our Toolbelt is by far our more popular template software, which we attribute partially to its price, and proudly to its versatility, friendly functionality, and extreme modern day professionalism.

It’s always difficult to emphasize the ultimate reason to own a “software tool”, especially when the cost comes up-front, but we’ll boil the REsheets Toolbelt down to this: owning a REsheets Toolbelt shores up the analysis side of your practice. It simply allows you a wealth of fundamental analysis without breaking your brain bank. We’re entirely too fond of our Toolbelt, and hope you’ll take the leg-up in a very competitive industry, with our staple software.

The Discounted Cash Flow Model Bundle is a (2) piece template package isolating Apartment and Commercial value in the standard, in depth, 10-year projected analysis. We love to begin the description of our DCF Model as: it’s not for everyone. There’s a stigma in Commercial Real Estate analysis and it’s called Argus. Our DCF Model software is not Argus software. Here’s why:

There’s a licensing program for Argus. There’s a training course on software usability. Our software is simple: inputs and outputs, see the inputs, summon the outputs. It’s hardly magic for you to get it right the first time. Input your details, value your property, save your sweat. And you’re left with professional, accurate analysis.

Our software was created as a tool to supplant Argus when the rigors of Argus analysis were simply unnecessary. Near the entirety of our service side is performed with our brand software. The price is a tougher swallow, $999.99, but when in-depth property valuation is the fundamental expertise in commercial real estate transaction, the benefits are ripe, and encouraging when compared to a roughly $4,000 Argus price tag.

Our software is created with years of a real-world applicable, trial-and-error, solution-driven mentality. We hope you try the benefits too. If you’d like a run through before purchasing, contact us here.

The Software is available here.


The REsheets Team