An In-House Warming Gift From Us to You: The Cold Call Tracker

photo credit: splorp

We’ve all been there and it’s an essential part of most sales jobs

– especially in the Commercial Real Estate Industry. Unless you’re a seasoned professional with the clients contacting you, you’re on the phone generating business with a Cold Call.

So we’re making it easier. Why not give yourself every advantage you can? Click any of the links in this blog and you’re on your way to weekly stats. Think of it like fantasy sports, except you’re drafting yourself and good stats are Commercial Real Estate financial success.

It’s a weekly tracker to keep yourself accountable. Know when you’re falling short, know when you’re exceeding your own expectations. If you’re not cutting it, change your weekly habits, invest in a do-not-disturb sign, if you’re blowing away the competition, go golfing, or treat yourself to that well deserved mani/pedi, it’s up to you.

Either way, download the weekly cold call tracker and take control of your business life. Like we said, we’ve all been there, and now we’re just jealous of your weekly cold call tracker.

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