Annual REsheets Tax Break

Commercial Real Estate Tax discount

It’s that time of year again–does it always feel like it’s that time of year?

That’s right, it’s tax time, and we have a tradition here at REsheets to ease the transition into the 2016 season. Many of us are filing our last minute paperwork (kudos to you if you beat procrastination!), and we know how cash can feel tight around now. That’s why we’re offering 15% off any of our commercial real estate analysis products.

Please use Coupon Code: TAX15

So why not invest in professional commercial real estate analysis software today? It’s the best step, in our opinion, toward securing a commercial real estate transaction with a payoff intent on refilling your bank account. Besides, we’re a year away from next tax season, so there’s no need to worry over your increased income potential just yet.

Thanks again for choosing REsheets. We’re always here for any questions or comments, just contact us!