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Let us underwrite your next property!

At REsheets, we’re proud providers of Argus Software Analysis.

We deliver the formal Argus Software cash flow file (.sf) with speed, accuracy, and attention to detail unmatched in the Commercial Real Estate Industry. We’re Argus Certified industry veterans and guarantee the best fundamental valuation.

All projects are unique, you’ll be quoted up front, and you’ll love our pricing.

Argus Software analysis is considered the standard in the Commercial Real Estate Analysis industry, however, we also offer two competing options: Projection Software Analysis and REsheets Brand Analysis. The two alternative analyses options maintain the high level reporting and authority, cost less, but lack the Argus branding. We’ve provided a sample Argus Software Cash Flow Projection along with an entire Projection Software Analysis Sample and a REsheets Brand Analysis Sample. Click Away!

Ready to get started? Please contact us directly below (name, email, brief project details), and we’ll be sure to respond as soon as possible! Don’t worry about telling us everything, we’ll certainly ask for everything we need.

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