Argus Software: What’s It Take to Provide Superb Analysis?

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In Commercial Real Estate Analysis, it’s simple, Argus Software leads the way to industry standard.

It’s not that Argus is necessarily the best analysis provider, or the easiest to use, but Argus commands a certain respect in the Commercial Real Estate Analysis industry not to be overlooked.

So what are the drawbacks of Argus Software? Age, simple as that. Although improving, Argus runs on a bit of an outdated platform, offering a less than maximized workflow associated with complex input structures. Also, the price tag is considerably more expensive than alternative methods.

However, the drawbacks are nothing compared to the advantage of Argus: respect. The Argus brand associated with an Argus Software analysis adds instant value and credibility to any analysis performed. Brokers will often specifically request an Argus software cash flow analysis over general alternatives.

So what are some misconceptions often associated with an Argus Software analysis?

It’s Argus Software, it’s accurate. Just because it’s Argus, doesn’t mean it’s credible. An Argus run, just like any other Commercial Real Estate Analysis function, is subject to ample user input. Argus attempts to standardize certain input methods and structure away careless misplacements, however, a proper analysis requires a well-experienced technician and a methodical approach to limiting input errors.

Everything matches up; I’ve checked and rechecked – that’s the Argus value of a property. An Argus Software analysis never produces the actual value of property, but an estimation based on best assumptions. The assumptions are often far more influential on the price output than any of the factual data (rent rolls, lease terms, etc.), as they predict the entire cash flow analysis moving forward. Think it over, the available inputs often roll over within a couple years; the analysis takes place often over a decade or more. Essentially, the analyst has the maneuverability to derive any price point.

So what can you do to ensure the best and most accurate analysis for your property?

Well, if you require Argus, find an analyst with experience, an analyst with full understanding of the Argus platform and its methods of capturing unique inputs, an analyst willing to acquire the proper assumptions and ensure mistake-free inputs. It’s not just anyone; take some time to look over credentials (experience!), even question how he or she might capture property specific inputs, because when you’re dealing with Commercial Real Estate Property, poor assumptions and mistaken inputs amount to millions of dollars in property value swing.

Here at REsheets, we promote REsheets’ brand analysis because it’s more maneuverable and less expensive than Argus, we promote Projection Software because it captures the entire Argus Software analysis on an updated platform, but we sometimes forget to acknowledge that despite our preferences, we know Argus Analysis best, and sometimes, it’s a requirement for you.

If your business requires Argus, you’re not alone, and we’ll provide the best analysis available, from input to output. We’ll quote you immediately based on your project, and deliver your Argus output in a shorter time frame and with a lesser cost than any other analysis provider we know of.

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