Hold On to Your Stocks! One Thing to Know About Your Investments

A widely traded stock, commodity, property, or good is priced based on its present-day prospects, near-future prospects, far-future prospects, past production, or any number of infinite indicators convincing experts of ‘value’. If gold was guaranteed to price at $3,000, it’s already there, it’s that simple. For every expert convinced that one particular indicator, say past performance, concludes a rise in gold’s price, you’ll find another expert convinced that an alternate indicator, say moving average, ensures a drop in price.

Becoming a Dreamer: An Ode to Stephen Hawking

Don’t get me wrong, Stephen Hawking is a mathematical genius, but it takes more than that to estrange him from everyone. When writing a brief history, his editor warned him that for every equation included in his book, the readership would be cut in half. Imagine the imagination it requires to condense the most complex astrophysics and mathematical theory into something simple, enjoyable (yes enjoyable!), and comprehensible for ten million readers. He used only one equation.

The 5 Most Important Things Ever Said by Donald Trump (hint: sarcasm)

Most of what Donald Trump says has been said before, only better. He’s easily one of the most influential figures in present-day Commercial Real Estate, so hey, maybe there’s a lesson here: if you know what works, work it.

Out of respect for a man Forbes pegs at 2.4 billion (a number Donald considers grossly undervalued), let’s run down to the local SuperCuts, ask for a really awfully bad haircut, and while we’re awaiting immense success, review the five rules of Trump (and who said it better):