Commercial Real Estate Analysis Templates

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Commercial Real Estate Financial Templates


Born From Necessity

REsheets Brand Products were born in the corner office of one of the nation’s leading Commercial Real Estate firms.  The simple, straightforward, and credibility-pumping templates staked the high-level analysis needs of one California’s top-five grossing Commercial Real Estate Agents, and now many others.

Use these tools to make researched, intelligent, and better decisions than the competition and build your professionalism.

The Famous REsheets Tool Belt – $29999

Cash Flow Model Bundle – $125000

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REsheets Tool Belt – 19999

The most comprehensive set of tools available for a broker’s everyday life.  Analysis for every scenario, every client, and most importantly, a breeze to navigate, The REsheets Tool Belt includes the following 13 analysis templates:

Apartment Executive Summary: Here’s to the basics: executive summary, current and pro forma scenarios, unit analysis.  Wow your clients with impressive reports and highlight the key indicators (Cap Rate, GRM, Per Unit, Per SF, Cash on Cash).

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Commercial Executive Summary: See above, call it ‘commercial’ : (Cap Rate, Per SF, Cash on Cash).

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Development Analysis: Hard & Soft costs, Financing, and Reversion Values.  Ask yourself: what is land worth?  Use this template to give credibility to the most speculative of all CRE analysis.

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1031 Exchange Analysis: One of the most effective tools in the arsenal.  Will executing a 1031 Exchange increase your bottom line?  Regardless, this Return on Equity is powerful and will have your clients begging for a listing.

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Refinance Analysis: Is it the right time to extract money? Is it even possible? A personal favorite, this analysis matrix covers the feasibility of a refinance.

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Own Vs. Lease: The question’s in the title, the answer’s in the report .

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Seller Carry Analysis: Is financing unavailable?  When a client considers carrying the note, what are the ‘pros’, what are the ‘cons’, and what about the various financing structures, rates, and terms?  It’s all included.

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Net Proceeds Analysis: “What ends up in my pocket?”  Sometimes the hardest to answer without a bit of fundamental calculation.  We make it easy, calculate estimated net proceeds generated through the sale of a property.

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Amortization Schedule: A loan calculator: simple and easy, principal and interest.  But it’s not just any amortization schedule: input interest only periods and calculate loan balances for any date within the loan schedule, well done.

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Sales and Rent Comparables: Back up the talk: use Sales and Rent Comparables to justify pricing and rent values.  Sort, compare, print, report: there’s nothing like trust and credibility.

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Cash Flow Model Bundle – 125000 ($500 Discount!)

If the game is speed, and the player is price, our proprietary custom built Excel Financial Models are the perfect combination of complex financial modeling and quick turnarounds.  Keep it simple, save a little on the details, but keep all the high level reporting and authority.

Available individually for Apartment, Commercial (Office/Retail/Industrial), & Development Modeling.

Apartment Cash Flow Model – $499.99


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Commercial Cash Flow Model – $499.99

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Development Cash Flow Model – $749.99

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Meet some of our happy customers! Click here for Testimonials.