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Commercial Templates

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Commercial Real Estate Templates



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$299.99 – Includes all 10 templates below. (Are you kidding me with that price? No!)

Commercial Executive Summary:

Here’s to the basics: executive summary, current and pro forma scenarios, rollover analysis.  Wow your clients with impressive reports and highlight the key indicators (Cap Rate, Per SF, Cash on Cash).

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Development Analysis:

Hard & Soft costs, Financing, and Reversion Values.  Ask yourself: how much is land worth?  Use this template to give credibility to the most speculative of all CRE analysis.

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1031 Exchange Analysis:

One of the most effective tools in the arsenal.  Will executing a 1031 Exchange increase your bottom line?  Regardless, this Return on Equity is powerful and will have your clients begging for a listing.

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Refinance Analysis:

Can money be pulled out… is it the right time? A personal favorite, this analysis matrix covers the feasibility of a refinance.

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Own Vs. Lease:

It’s all in the title… Nuff Said! This template lets you know if it is better to Own or Lease.

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Seller Carry Analysis:

Let’s get creative.  If financing is not available, where do you turn?  When a client considers carrying the note, we need to know the pros and cons of various financing structures, specifically, the rates and terms.

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Net Proceeds Analysis:

When it comes down to it, what’s the million dollar question: “How much money ends up in my pocket?”  Sometimes that’s the hardest to answer!  Fortunately, we make it easy.  Calculate the estimated net proceeds generated through the sale of a property.

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Amortization Schedule:

A loan calculator: simple and easy.  Estimate your monthly and annual loan payments of principal and interest. But it’s not just any amortization schedule, input interest only periods and calculate a loan balance for any date during the loan schedule (if you’re so inclined). We agree, well done.

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Sales and Rent Comparables:

Back up the big talk: use Sales and Rent Comparables to justify your pricing and rent values.  Sort, compare, print, report: nothing like trust and credibility.

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