Database Techniques – Concatenate

con·cat·e·nate | a scary looking word created to make life simple.

Simply, string concatenation joins two character strings together. OK, realistically simple example, if your excel database contains an address separated by columns and you’d like to mass mail each address without physically retyping the addresses into a single column, the excel tool concatenate will combine the columns for you. Ta Dah!

As concatenate was one of our more popular tweets, we’ve decided to create a simple excel practice and tool to help you master the life-saving device in seconds. Yes, seconds, that’s all it takes. And yes, life-saving, since we’ve seen the lists you commercial real estate cold-callers carry, and if you’re not formatted properly, we know how long you can spend performing mindless tasks like retyping. As we always say, if you think there’s an easier way something can be done in Excel, there probably is!

Excel Speak: =concatenate(text1, text2)

Text1 represents the cell you’re looking to combine with Text2, it’s that simple! Sometimes you’ll run into spacing issues or lack of spacing, also very simple fixes. Download our free and fast guide to concatenate and master those issues! As always, thank you for visiting REsheets, and we hope this has helped develop your commercial real estate analysis efficiency, and just as importantly, your lingual capabilities in the very romantic language of Excel!

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