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The following downloads have appeared at one point or another in the commercial real estate analysis blog section of REsheets. They are free to use, so we’ve compiled them here for your convenience. Learn excel tricks, perform commercial real estate analysis functions with ease, get to know your commercial real estate basics, and have fun. If you’re interested in learning more from all of our blogs, please sign up here.


Cap Rate Calculator & Matrix – A basic Cap Rate calculator including a sensitivity matrix. Great for basic pricing with a Net Operating Income!

GRM Calculator & Matrix – A basic GRM calculator including a sensitivity matrix. Great for basic pricing with Gross Rent.

Cash on Cash Calculator & Matrix – A basic Cash on Cash calculator including a sensitivity matrix based on Rates, Loan-To-Value (LTV), and Amortization. Great for understanding Positive vs. Negative leverage.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio Calculator & Matrix – A basic Debt Calculator utilizing the Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) including a sensitivity matrix based on DSCR, Cash Flow, and LTV.

Positive V Negative Chart – A PDF guide to Positive vs. Negative leverage.

PMT – The Excel Formula ‘PMT’ explained, with basic and advanced application.

IF Statement – The Excel Formula ‘IF’ explained, with basic and advanced applications. From the blog: Becoming an Excel Bully.

Other IF Statements – The Advanced ‘IF’ statements explained with application. From the blog: The “other” IF Statements

Custom Cell Formatting – Easy application of custom cell formatting within excel specifically tailored to commercial real estate analysis. From the blog: Excel for Commercial Real Estate: Custom Cell Formatting.

Present Value – An Excel Spreadsheet outlining the importance of PV and its practical use.

Future Value – An Excel Spreadsheet outlining the importance of FV and its practical use.

Cold Call Tracker – An Excel Spreadsheet for Commercial Real Estate Cold Call Tracking.

And finally our 10 Ways to Achieve 10% Mini E-Book!