Hey You Turkeys: The Holidays Are Here!

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Oreo Turkey Cookies (Explored), Photo Credit: Coopet Photography

Thanksgiving is here, and if you’re planning on blaming tryptophan, the organic protein found in turkey, for your extreme Thanksgiving Day drowsiness, scientists would argue it’s all in your head!  Tryptophan’s presence is far too small to have any real effect, and rather, sheer caloric intake, booze, and the mere thought of relaxing after a hectic work schedule probably brought you to your stupor.  So accept it!

Unbutton two buttons today and let the fly slide, nobody’s judging; take it in.  You work hard, enjoy the day off, we wish you a very relaxing stupor with your loved ones.

We look forward to many great things here at REsheets.  The new-website-scent has finally sunk in and we’re moving forward with great direction and content.  Be sure to see all the new changes at the start of the New Year.  Thanks always for visiting and have a great holiday season.