10 Ways to Achieve 10%: An Unconventional Guide to being your Best #CRE Self

So we’ve released our first e-book, do we feel changed somehow? accomplished? brazen even?

All of the above, and I might add, shameless. “An Unconventional Guide to being your Best #CRE Self” is a mini-conglomeration of best received advice and industry experience wrapped in a mini-attitude.

Download Here: 10 Ways to Achieve 10%

Take a shower, snub a friend, let someone else suffer through the tie; just take-to-heart ten surefire steps to rise above the average… and no one wants to be average.

So do what the average wouldn’t do, read the mini e-book, and remember it’s free (rising about the average is generally cost-effective, but still, we’re here to highlight the book: it’s free).

And to celebrate the release of the mini e-book we’re offering a mini-discount on all REsheets products and services (5% off, use coupon code: mini05). That’s $10 off the REsheets ToolBelt, $25 dollars off the Apartment Cash Flow Model.

Wow, that’s quite generous of you guys

If you’re of a different opinion, continue to suffer through your spreadsheet artifact, and the rest of us will be certain to recognize REsheets’ price points are reasonable to begin with.

Let the mini e-book be a guide to quickly reconfigure the mind. Everyone needs a tune up now and again.

We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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