Intuition and Commercial Real Estate in 2012

We’re one week into 2012 and much has changed.

Thousands of articles are electronically printing the future: the growth of the commercial real estate market in 2012, a new recovery of our real estate funds. So what stems the positive change this New Year? Many things, the CRE market is amoebic and constantly reshaping, but really, nothing changes. It takes a few casual glances at the Dow Jones to know that when the market rises, promise lies ahead, and when it slumps, we’ll huddle around news snippets that have trumped our prosperity – and the quirk of it all: it can all happen on the same day.

So what can we know about the foreseeable future? Commercial Real Estate Property will always exist. Whether the economy is collapsing or reforming, property exchange will occur. Excepting the end of civilization, Commercial Real Estate will never fall under the evolutionary spell of the pager or lighting the fireplace with newspaper (newspaper?), and in regards to the 2012 end of the world prophecy, my gut says it’ll end similarly to the thirty-nine Californians who hopped on a space train to catch the aliens behind the comet. Was that really fifteen years ago?

So how do we find our own prosperity in 2012? I think the answer is our intuition – and it’s not what you think (pun intended). Intuition is not a logical process. It is not the voice in our head, and yet it guides our actions. If you were ever to read Plato’s Republic in a college philosophy course, you might say intuition is our most complete form of understanding.

Because it is understanding. It grows from our experience. It’s the right reaction to the right opportunity. It’s the right words to be heard by a selective client. And once again, it comes only from experience and surrounding ourselves with the right tools and information to see the whole picture.

So this year, work toward seeing the whole picture. Thrive off your carefully prodded and poked character. Surround yourself with tools and knowledge, so when the opportunities arise, you’ll intuitively make the right decisions.

So here’s a freebie. Want to know a quickly learned intuition? People make mistakes. It’s one of our more basic understandings. It’s a little more difficult, however, recognizing mistakes of our own!

Here’s a recent malfunction of ours, and in turn, hopefully a bit of an extended present:

For our holiday discount, we offered 20% off our purchased products with coupon code: HOLIDAYS.  Despite our best transcription efforts, the coupon code was in fact, HOLIDAY (No ‘S’). We had no idea we’d made a mistake considering our products were still being purchased at the 20% discount. 

So we’d like to congratulate the intuitive ones who still applied the coupon code despite our transcription errors, and in an effort to help build all of our intuitive arsenals, we’re extending the 20% product discount until January 20th, please use the proper coupon code: HOLIDAY.

Thanks so much for visiting REsheets and we look forward to an intuitive future together!

The REsheets Team

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