Our Blog’s on Vacation!

photo credit: david_min

Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you and we’re still working hard.  Due to the overwhelming initial support and successes of REsheets, we’re moving in full time!

Yes, we’re very excited too.

Starting February 1st, a small group of financial professionals will be maintaining REsheets contents and services full time.  This means exciting new features, steady sources of CRE conversation and entertainment, and tools to lift your business; REsheets is bringing it all.

So check back soon!  Our goal is an open CRE community with the best tools in the business, and we’re looking forward to you being a part of it.  Expect the content to flow February 1st and throughout the year.

If you have any questions or useful thoughts, please comment below or email us here.

Thank you from the REsheets team.