Pay It Forward: Get Your FREE Custom Excel Package

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We were recently so impressed by the exchange between an attorney and ourselves, we’ve decided to Pay It Forward as well.

In connection to a few big projects in the coming months, our little startup was required to seek legal advice regarding partnership agreements.  After an initial conversation, we were offered the legal work at no charge (Thanks Mark!).

So it’s our turn!

We’d like to offer (5) hours of Custom Excel Design at no charge, and 5 hours equals a lot.  5 hours is a fully customizable database, or a unique/reportable/functioning analysis report, or more often than not, enough time to systemize a process you spend far too much time suffering through on your outdated spreadsheet.

We only ask that you sign up for our blog feed (which includes a FREE 1031, fully useful, exchange analysis), tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll choose (1) person at random to Pay it Forward.

So sign up for our feed and head over to our contact page and shoot us some basic info about what you need.  Our winner will be randomly selected by Feb. 21st.

So it’s time to ask for what you really want, something to make your life easier, something to promote your business; we’re here to Pay It Forward.

Perry (Excel Designer)

We’ve built some great spreadsheets, ranging from:

Database Management, Project Management, Various Cash Flow Models, and Advertising Schedules.

See Examples of our Custom Work

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