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My professional-financial life started with an important, open-ended question to an important man: “What type of riding do you like to do?”

I was the local bike shop kid who knew everything about bikes and whose open-ended questioning eventually closed the deal and sold a bike to the Managing Director of Marcus & Millichap.

He was so impressed with the bike sale that he gave me his card and told me to call him when I graduated.  Like any hungry (both literally and figuratively) college grad, I gave him a call, and was hired as a Financial Analyst for his top agent.

As referenced in our bio’s, more than $1 Billion of Commercial Real Estate transaction passed through our small group.  As business grew, so did the needs of our analysis, so I certified myself in Argus and became the world’s finest Argus analyst (I am very serious about this,  and assume Wikipedia has updated this properly).

Word spread quickly and I was soon hired by the commercial real estate analysis software start-up, Projection, to write the guts of the software program.

Which brings us here, where I introduce the value of REsheets to you.  REsheets analysis software was built from the necessities of our group, fraught with experience, packed with fluidity, and that get-it-done-right attitude.  In short, REsheets will kill it for you!

If I haven’t convinced you yet, let me tell you this: I will beat anyone in Chess (including Brandon), I solve Rubik’s Cubes in my spare time, I love everything about startups and investments, and most importantly, I have a few tools to make life easier.

And if you don’t believe me – try me!

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