REsheets is REopen for Business! (coupon code inside)

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Here at REsheets, we’re pretty good at financial analysis, aces at building custom excel models, not so good at dunking on regulation height basketball hoops (welcome back NBA!). Did I mention we’re also great at designing prepackaged commercial real estate analysis products applicable to any real estate professional angle like the REsheets Toobelt? I should also mention we’re not so great at breathing on the moon. We admit it. So some time back when our website fell under a barrage of technical issues, we had a choice to make and the choice was simplified by the fact that we had no idea how to isolate malicious website code. So we marshaled our resources and time, worked with our pre-existing clients, and put REsheets-the-website on hiatus.

Well, we’re proud to say that due to a series of sometimes-strengths, and sometimes-weaknesses, including, but not limited to: stubbornness, persistence and an I-can-do-anything-better-than-you attitude, we crash coursed website coding 101 and beat the website malfunctions. REsheets is back up and safe from internet woes (*cross our fingers*). Hooray!

In unison with the return of the REsheets website, and in recognition of our clients and relationships, we’re offering a holiday discount for all new and returning customers – on everything. Let us underwrite your next property, let us build your niche specific custom excel model, and let us make your professional life simpler – we’re offering 20% off all this month. REsheets began in December two years ago and during the holidays we feel ever more grateful to you: our customers, mailing readers, and friends.

Thank you for letting us continue our tradition of commercial real estate analysis excellence. Please use Coupon Code: HOLIDAY for 20% off our product purchases throughout the month of December, and remember, all custom models and financial analysis projects will be quoted at 20% off the hourly price.

Thank you and Happy Holidays.

The REsheets Team

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