Start of Season Rewards from REsheets!

2013 holiday blog

It’s that time of year again, the holidays.

Business is tempered by family and get-togethers, and those things business is always better tempered by. That’s the point, anyway: to be smart, successful, and personally intact.

Here at REsheets, we maintain a core philosophy: remembering we’re people first. With that in mind, we’ve designed two commercial real estate analysis packages intent on reducing work-borne aggravation, and increasing the stuff that just makes sense.

The Famous REsheets Toolbelt and Cash Flow Model Bundle have been nitpickingly honed to make our business lives easier. That’s how it started, to make our lives easier. We were the analysts looking for a remedy to clunky software and high pricing while maintaining great analysis and great presentability. And now we offer our years of work and updates at a price far below the veteran competition.

That said, we know that price can be a real issue, especially starting out. In the spirit of the holidays, if price is the speed bump between you and better analysis, and therefore, better sales, let us know. Send us an email, tell us which package, or both, is going to make your CRE life easier, and tell us what you can afford now. We promise to do what we can to get you the right tools today.

And to our already devout users, thank you for helping us keep REsheets around.