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*10/7 update, 3 days left!

It’s better than Argus. Here’s why:

Coming off the success of our $99 Toolbelt, we’re looking to seduce you again with $250 off our Apartment Discounted Cash Flow Model (scroll down to add Apartment Cash Flow Model to cart). That’s nearly half-off, a price we’ve never offered before. Here’s the no-brainer explanation:

At thousands less than competing DCF models, and retaining all the accuracy of a sophisticated Commercial Real Estate analysis, if you’re in the CRE Apartment business, this is the software template for you. It feels like software, but it’s surrounded by the entire customizable utility of Excel. This allows the REsheets Apartment DCF to blow away the clunky, and confusing traditional Commercial Real Estate Analysis Software.

Accurate and presentable.

Try it! Once you buy it, you’re ready to go. The learning curve is easy, it’s all plug and play. If you’re looking to impress clients with professionalism, you can make the model your own, your brand. Since the foundation is Excel, the potential is limitless. But don’t let that fool you, the model is 100% ready to go upon purchase, anything more is completely up to you. If you have any questions, shoot us an email here.

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Thanks for celebrating 4 years with us,

The REsheets Team