The Commercial Real Estate Twitter Manifesto

For some it’s a hot shower, for others it’s a morning jog, for me it’s egg whites, veggies, and a healthy portion of salsa. A routine’s my mechanism to start the day productive, happy, and successful. But lately there’s been a kink in my routine; I’ve been interrupted with something that once was a treat and is now a chore: Twitter.

I used to love it: friends, ReTweets, followers, potential clients, the #CRE community, and last (but not least), the tea-friendly #crejavaclub.

This morning, as I was picking through the last hours’ worth of tweets, searching for those few stories I felt REsheets followers might enjoy, I realized something: scrolling through this seemingly endless list of articles relating to the economy, job growth, REIT dividends, sales/velocity & growth… they’ve all begun to look the same, and worse, I’m just adding to the pile by Retweeting them.

Think about it, the Commercial Real Estate industry is a relatively small group of professionals. Generally we all follow the same people and have the same people follow us. If @broker tweets a story about nationwide unemployment rates, which is also tweeted by @propertymanager which then gets ReTweeted by @loanbroker, what point is it for us, @financialanalyst, to tweet it to our followers (who are most likely also following @broker, @propertymanager, & @loanbroker)?

And then it buries anyway.

What good is a group of 1000 followers who don’t “see” what you have to say because they’ve become numb to the bombardment of news? Ice cream is delicious, but if you force me to eat it all day, every day, screw you and screw the ice cream.

So often before I turn to anger, I consult my long time now-Huckleberry-‘PC’ friend, Mark Twain: Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority it’s time to pause and reflect.

I’ve been actively tweeting for REsheets for six months now (twitter’s anonymous), and I know we’re part of the problem; so I’ve come to the conclusion: it’s time to be different.

REsheets wants people to come to our home page. Being part of the jumble is inconsistent; finding the right time to plaster your name on another’s timeline is sticky-work at best. I hope you understand, I’m beyond impressed with the CRE community and the genuine good nature of many of the members, many of whom I’ve connected with on a daily, weekly (more than an office-acquaintance) basis.

But we’re all unique individuals with unique talents. REsheets isn’t the famous Barbi Reuter (Arizona Broker and Twitter Authority Extraordinaire), nor do we focus triple-net investments like the early acquainted and successful Jason Sandquist, it’s not our specialty, we’re not trying to be office managers, listing hunters, or five o’clock clock-outers. We’re good at Financial Analysis; in fact we think we’re the best, and we’re out to share our unique benefit and perspective apart from the rest of the twitter-stream.

So come to us because you enjoy us. We’re here to reciprocate the love. We support the unique talent of the Twitter friends we enjoy, the sustainable development blogs of Joe Stampone, the Kentucky Specialist Blogger Bo Barron (CCIM), the of John Reeder, and then offer our own unique perspective on the Commercial Real Estate world… so if you choose to make our homepage a Twitter destination, expect nothing less than a healthy mix of the following:

  • An article a day with something real, interesting ‘CRE’ to say (and yeah – I’ll have read the whole thing)
  • A RT (or two) of any Twitters followed with some personality (un)swallowed
  • A Financial Analysis ‘Tip of the Day’  (i.e. don’t be fooled by what brokers say or what brokers meant, marketing packages are hardy, get your P&L statement direct from Yardi)
  • An Excel ‘Tip of the Day’ (i.e. when summing values (no matter how long a list!) use ‘Alt+’ and you’ll auto-sum the quickest)
  • A ‘choice cup’ of CRE Tea (for the #crejavaclub)
  • A REsheets Special CRE Entertainment or Blog

Twitter is fun, so that’s our emphasis. And personality is always welcome.

Here’s to a successful future together.


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