The Leprechaun of CRE’s Past

Here at REsheets, we have a secret.

Every year, just around the start of March, we’re visited by a very well intentioned and thoroughly confused Leprechaun. Typically, faery tale creatures of similar types show up just before Christmas, and in well read Charles Dickens novels, but not the Leprechaun of CRE’s Past.

Yesterday, as I was sitting in the REsheets’ office pondering Own vs. Lease scenarios, I was visited by the Leprechaun of CRE’s Past. I howled with surprise, but I was only fooling myself, the fifth of March is very late for the first Leprechaun sighting.

“No,” I pleaded with the Leprechaun, “We feed our families with these spreadsheets, stop trying to give them away for free!”

Wise as always, the Leprechaun posed a question, “That Famous REsheets Toolbelt you’re so fond of, the one with all the gadgets, shouldn’t every real estate agent own one of those?”

“Yes,” I replied without hesitation, “of course they should. It’s thirteen scenario specific analysis options, it’s easy to use, it’s easy to report, and it’s impressive!”

“Do you sell many of these Toolbelts?” the Leprechaun asked twirling his orange beard.

“Some,” I replied, “it is our best-selling product…”

“And as far as you know are there still CRE agents without the REsheets Toolbelt?” the Leprechaun asked tottering on his little brown boots.

“As far as I know…” I whispered reluctantly.

“Then why don’t we offer a discount!” The Leprechaun joyfully cried twirling about. Leprechauns are never shy when it comes to monetary victory.

Use Discount Code: LEPRECHAUN for 25 dollars off the REsheets Toolbelt!

Hurry, the discount only lasts until the next Leprechaun sighting.