There’s Music in Absence and the Perfect Salesman

There’s Music in Absence

Photo Credit: .neha.

I recently heard Pink on the radio, not exactly my pop-rock preference, however, she did something I rather enjoyed.  In her song “sober” she says, I don’t wanna be the girl that has to fill the silence… and the song ends for a measure, only to resume as normal.

It was a silly point, but it worked.

It reinforced her lyrics and you’re literally stricken by the absence of sound, adding perspective to the sound’s reemergence.  There’s a great musical quality in that particular withholding, and I was forced to appreciate the presence of the music thereafter (whether I liked it or not).

There’s my perfect salesman.  She knows everything, but she needn’t immediately say anything.  She knows there’s much to be said about what’s not said.  She answers your questions well, she listens.  She adds pertinent information to the conversation when necessary.  She does not lie, she does not deceive.  She answers truthfully and fully.  She seems to know a little about everything, and a lot about her profession.  There is no speech, her words are dynamic and from knowledge and experience.

You can trust her good faith; you’re assured of her competence in those things unsaid.

I don’t want to know everything about toilets, tires, or taxes; there are plumbers, mechanics, and accountants for that.  They have one job, to understand their respective trades.  Tell me too little and I feel unsteady, but tell me too much and I begin to distrust: what are you talking around?  how often are you turned down? breathe and answer my questions.  But if you tell me enough to assure honesty, openness, and competence, you’re hired.  I have enough in my head than to worry about toilets, tires and taxes.

I’m not selling this property, you are!